Build failed in Jenkins: cyrus-imapd-master #410

Greg Banks gnb at
Sat Feb 25 14:23:11 EST 2012

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On 25/02/2012, at 21:33, "Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)" <vanmeeuwen at 
 > wrote:

> On 2012-02-24 3:40, Greg Banks wrote:
>> I logged in earlier this morning and grabbed a copy of that directory
>> before the next build ran (each build removes the leftovers from  
>> the previous one and
>> I'm now wondering whether that's a good thing).
> If you want, a utility called tmpwatch can clean up files and  
> directories that are older than $x weeks or $y days in this  
> directory, allowing us some time to get to the root of a problem  
> using the original data, while not filling up the filesystem.

Sadly without the cleanup code Cassandane will fill the whole vmdk  
before it finishes a single run. Each instance directory takes 20 to  
40 MB, which is almost entirely Berkeley DB environment files. The 135  
test cases use at least one instance directory each.

Perhaps it might be better to delete only the BDB junk instead of the  
whole directory.


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