Build failed in Jenkins: cyrus-imapd-master #402

Greg Banks gnb at
Mon Feb 20 03:00:52 EST 2012

On Sun, Feb 19, 2012, at 05:03 PM, Jenkins wrote:
> See <>
> ------------------------------------------
> [...truncated 1246 lines...]
> for file in ./imtest.1 ./pop3test.1 ./nntptest.1 ./lmtptest.1
> ./smtptest.1 ./sivtest.1 ./mupdatetest.1 ./installsieve.1 ./sieveshell.1;
> \

There are at least four separate problems happening here, all at once :(

1) the Master.service_ipv6 test is failing because the older netstat program
   on reports connect TCP/IPv6 sockets slightly differently
   than Cassandane was expecting.  I fixed that here

2) The Master.maxforkrate test was accidentally triggering an old and
   obscure race condition bug in the master process.  I made the test
   not trigger that bug anymore

  and added a new test just for that bug

  and fixed the bug  

3) The Master.maxforkrate test has detected that the maxforkrate parameter is not being
   enforced correctly, which is strange because that code did in fact work fine in that
   test when last modified.  I suspect some kind of environmental problem is breaking
   the fork rate calculation, will investigate further.

4) Cassandane sometimes leaves master and lemming processes lying around.  I haven't
   been able to reproduce that problem, although I have "solved" it several times before.
   Those leaked processes are never cleaned up and hog the TCP ports that Cassandane
   expects to be able to use, causing subsequent Cassandane runs to fail spuriously.  I'm
   not entirely sure of the best way to address this, but I'm thinking of something like a
   sledgehammer which kills all processes running as the "cyrus" userid.

So sadly it will be another day or so before the build gets back to stable.


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