sync_client general protection fault

Darius Spitznagel d.spitznagel at
Thu Feb 9 12:45:14 EST 2012

Hello Bron,

do you have some news for my....

sync_client[19784] general protection ip:7f1fcef7d1f9 sp:7fffaa8f4e10 
error:0 in[7f1fcee6c000+175000]

problem, when turning on "allowplaintext: no"?

In the meantime I tested  "allowplaintext: yes" for over 2 weeks without 
any sync_client problems.

So the problem could definetly be in "not re-initializing the crypto 
library properly
in a "RESTART"." as you wrote me on 21. January.

Is there a chance this will be fixed in the next release (2.4.14)?

Maybe you can send me a patch so I can try and report on it.



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