Build failed in Jenkins: cyrus-imapd-master #756

Greg Banks gnb at
Tue Aug 7 05:56:12 EDT 2012

On Tue, Aug 7, 2012, at 07:12 PM, Jenkins wrote:
> See <>
> Changes:
> [gnb] Bug #3726 Add a portability stub for posix_fadvise
> [gnb] Update K&R code in portability stubs.
> [gnb] Bug #3726 Add a portability stub for strsep
> [gnb] Bug #3726 Add a portability stub for memmem
> [...]
> Cassandane::Test::Metronome.basic

Cassandane::Test::Metronome.test_basic (from
Failing for the past 1 build (Since Failed#756 )
Took 1 sec.
Error Message

Standard deviation 1.43380587135031 is too high

Hmm, this failure had nothing to do with the recent commits - that test
is not even running C code.  The test is just time sensitive.  This is
the second time it's happened recently; perhaps the physical hardware is
more heavily loaded these days. If it happens again I'll bump up the
threshold in the test.


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