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I started working on Automake + cyrus imap and about the half of the 
work is done.  I have some questions:

* lib/crc32.c is included in both lib/libcyrus.a und lib/libcyrus_min.a, 
but the four crc32_ functions are only used within imap/libimap.a (in 
imap/message.c and map/mailbox.c).  Is it fine, if lib/crc32.c is 
removed from both lib/libcyrus.a and lib/libcyrus_min.a and added to 
imap/libimap.a ?

* lib/signals.h and imap/signals.h are identical and lib/signals.c and 
imap/signals.c are similar.  Would it be wise to remove one signals.h 
and one signals.c? (And who wants to unify both signals.c?)

* sieve/Makefile.dist generates sieve/sieve.c with $(YACC) $(YFLAGS) -p 
addr addr.y . Automake allows to mention addr.y as source and it 
generates the addr.c and addr.h files automatically (without writing 
anything extra).  But I cannot pass the "-p addr" to addr.y in Automake. 
  Is it fine to add in addr.y '%name-prefix "addr"' which is the same as 
passing "-p addr" on the command line? (This works with bison, but I do 
not know if it works with other yacc derivatives)

* What is Smakefile used for?

* I rewrite some '#include "file.h"' to '#include "lib/file.h"', if 
file.h is in the lib directory.  I believe it makes clearer for the 
developers which files are meant and requires less "CPPFLAGS=-I..." and 
.  Objections?

Moreover I think makedepend is not necessary now and have removed it in 
my copy.

Със здраве
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