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Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) vanmeeuwen at
Mon Sep 19 13:09:23 EDT 2011

On 19.09.2011 17:26, Dave McMurtrie wrote:
> Good day,

Hi Dave,

> We've been tasked by our management with providing RSS support in 
> Cyrus.
>   Fortunately, the Cyrus httpd server that was recently developed 
> makes
> this much less onerous of a task.

Given the considerations of time(-limitations), I recognize this would 
need to be developed fast, and I recon that the work preferably be done 
based on a stable branch rather then a moving target -correct?

I would (greatly!) appreciate if any effort that could potentially 
destabilize the stable 2.4 branch did not go right into the designated 
branch for future stable 2.4 releases.

Please bear with me while I'm thinking out loud and try and come up 
with some options;

Like you said, there's always the possibility of developing the RSS 
support in a branch specific to this feature. Also, like you said, it's 
easier to develop based on the 2.4 codebase.

I recon basing the development code on the 2.4 branch and 
forward-porting later allows some breathing room in between deploying 
the code with CMU, and actually forward-porting, with room for community 
review as well.

That said, with regards to the 2.5 roadmap, I'm not sure what the 
current timeline is for a possible 2.5 release.

I recon there's still quite the chunk of work, but I'm not sure at 
which point people are ready to call it feature-complete (every feature 
has its implementation one feels does not require any further database 
format changes, etc., while said features do not have to be stable / 
bug-free quite yet), to then subsequently branch it off for 
stabilization and freeing up 'master' for the more shiny 2.6 

I am leaning favourably towards calling it (2.5, but consequently 
including the entire 'master' branch) closed for new feature submission, 
however, as otherwise we just add to the amount of work to be done for 
2.5 and unlikely bridge the gap in a timely fashion.

Summarizing, I think:

- WebDAV, +1 of course
- Branch for development, and subsequently the branch from which CMU 
runs production: dev/2.4-webdav
- Branch for forward-porting: dev/2.6-webdav

^^ make these dev/<version>-thedavs if you like CalDAV to be included 
as well, I'm just saying. Just naming suggestions anyways.

- Branch targeted for inclusion: master (after branching off 2.5)

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

Senior Engineer, Kolab Systems AG

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