syslog/, lib/gai.h, man/rmnews.8

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Mon Oct 3 11:15:45 EDT 2011


make install as of cyrus imap 2.4.11 installs in /usr/include/cyrus/ all 
lib/*.h files, except auth_pts.h, chartable.h, exitcodes.h, wildmat.h 
and gai.h .

gai.h is only used within .

Shall the files auth_pts.h, chartable.h, exitcodes.h and wildmat.h be 
installed in /usr/include/cyrus/ ?
Shall the file gai.h be removed from lib/ and integrated in ?

Does somebody use the implementation in the syslog/ directory, and can 
you compile it with gcc?  When I try to compile the included syslog in 
cyrus-imap2.4 I get the errors:

For syslog/syslog.c

In file included from syslog.c:66:0:
error: #error "GCC no longer implements <varargs.h>."
error: #error "Revise your code to use <stdarg.h>."

For syslogd.c:
syslogd.c: In function ‘wait3’:
syslogd.c:204:16: error: argument ‘status’ doesn’t match prototype 
/usr/include/sys/wait.h:169:16: error: prototype declaration
syslogd.c:982:18: error: conflicting types for ‘sys_errlist’ 
/usr/include/bits/sys_errlist.h:28:30: note: previous declaration of 
‘sys_errlist’ was here

syslog/logger.c is included in the tarball, but it is nowhere used.

Can the syslog directory be removed?

Cyrus-imap does not install executable named "rmnews".  Can the files 
man/rmnews.8 and doc/man/rmnews.8.html be removed?

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