Fix for cyrus bug 3269

Greg Banks gnb at
Mon Nov 21 21:51:04 EST 2011

G'day Philip,

On 22/11/11 11:14, Philip Prindeville wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> Can you please have a look at my fix for bug 3269?
> Thanks,
> -Philip

The bug says:

> Cyrus logs a lot of crap (which is not useful 99% of the time, but must be
> there for the remaining 1%),

I agree it's not useful 99% of the time, but I'm not convinced it's
useful the remaining 1% :)  So yes, something needs to be done to reduce
pointless load on the syslog daemon, and this patch certainly looks like
something.  The patch itself looks fine, although I would feel the same
way about a patch that just removed almost every single
syslog(LOG_DEBUG) call.

Pushed to CMU master branch, thanks for your contribution :)


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