Patch to restore used functionality in cyrus

Baldur baldur at
Fri May 6 13:07:12 EDT 2011

Hi all,

i have installed the current version cyrus-imapd on Fedora 15 Beta.

Sad to say, but it doesn't offer the same functionality anymore, a 
delivery of mail to subfolder
in fails (e.g. in a howto at

This is the way i operated my old cyrus installation for 7 years, so i'd 
like to claim that
it is a recommended feature.

I attached the description here

Actually when i tried to fix this, i found another bug (you even cannot 
deliver with the correct
user id in the current release).

But for review i also post the patch here, and hope that it is 
integrated in one or another form
into the next release.

Baldur (which of course is not my name, but my spam protection)

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