SASL lib 2.1.24

Dan White dwhite at
Thu Apr 14 10:49:30 EDT 2011

On 14/04/11 16:15 +0200, Torsten Schlabach wrote:
>But again, problem solved. So we now have a version in CVS which builds
>without any additional patches including the LDAP module. My test build
>did not include the gs2 module, I think, possibly because some
>prerequisite is missing, but to me that is a detail of Debian packaging
>then. I am still trying to understand what I would ever need GSSAPI and
>GS2 for. I know what I need LDAP for.


GS2 depends on MIT version MIT Kerberos 1.9, which is not in Debian stable.
I was able to build the gs2 module last night on testing.

>3. Pre-sort the list of currently 26 patches in the Debian package for
>SASL lib 2.1.23 and identify those who are NOT Debian adjustments and
>provide them for review (what format?)

Check out the Changelog around 2009-02-20. Alexey applied 4 Debian patches.

Dan White

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