Cyrus not so generous with trailing space

damien dunlop djd at
Mon Apr 11 07:48:28 EDT 2011


I have an exceptionally functional POP3 client (binary only) which has
worked perfectly with several other mail servers for many years. However
with Cyrus, the POP3 client doesn't pick up any mail.

By looking at a tcpdump , it was found that the POP3 client sends
a space after the STAT command, which Cyrus treats as an error.

Whilst RFC1939 does specify the STAT command takes no arguments,
it does seem arguable that a trailing space should not be treated
as an error by a receiver. For treating it as an error would violate the
general principal of "be strict in what you send, but generous in what you

What are the chances of having Cyrus POP3 accept the trailing space
without error?

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Preston Vic 3072

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