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Wed Apr 6 12:24:04 EDT 2011

Why do you insist on running on cyrus-imapd-2.1 instead of switching to 2.2 (or backporting 2.4)?

Ondřej Surý

On 6.4.2011, at 18:02, "Torsten Schlabach" <TSchlabach at> wrote:

> Hi Ondřej!
>> why would you do that instead of migration to new upstream version
> I don't understand your question. Do what instead of what?
> Regards,
> Torsten
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>> Um, why would you do that instead of migration to new upstream version?
>> Ondřej Surý
>> On 6.4.2011, at 17:39, "Torsten Schlabach" <TSchlabach at> wrote:
>>> Hi all!
>>> I have started a PPA for the current CVS version of the Cyrus SASL
>> 2.1.24 lib at
>>> Well, not exactly current CVS, but the state as of March 24th, 2011 on
>> the one hand. On the other hand, there are a number of patches in my sources
>> to make the package build.
>>> The commit of the gs2 patch on March 25th unfortunately broke my build,
>> so I decided to stay on the state before that and work my way through some
>> of the other oddities first.
>>> IIUC, Launchpad only offers such a service for Ubuntu. The package is
>> for the upcoing Natty release which is going to be Ubuntu 11.4.
>>> Caution: I think I know how to build a Debian / Ubuntu package, but I am
>> by no means an experienced expert. So I am sure there are a number of
>> caveats. So feel free to help me test and improve my package. Maybe this will
>> help to get a 2.1.24 release (shoudl there be one eventually) into Ubuntu
>> and Debian in a timely manner.
>>> Does anyone know of a similar publicly available service for Debian
>> packages?
>>> Regards,
>>> Torsten

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