SASL lib 2.1.24

Torsten Schlabach TSchlabach at
Mon Apr 4 11:04:41 EDT 2011

Hi Dan,
hi all!

> I gather one of the sticking points is developer
> access to Mac OS X.

Can anyone confirm that?

I am not a Mac guy, but there are tons of offers for Mac root servers, i.e. hosted Mac Minis or similar at a quite affordable rate.

In case access to a Mac is what would make developers go, my organisation may consider donating a hosted Mac for a couple of months. Just let me now.


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> On 04/04/11 15:25 +0200, Torsten Schlabach wrote:
> >Hi!
> >
> >In the meanwhile I managed to find some hacks to make the whole thing
> build.
> >
> >But the question remains:
> >
> >Is anyone still interested in active development of the SASL lib? I mean,
> >the 2.1.24rc1 is getting some 20 month old and there is neither an RC2
> nor
> >a release. Also some problems have been discussed on the ML and some
> >patches are hanging around in Bugzilla, which are not committed to CVS.
> >
> >So would there be anyone willing to support an RC2 and a release anytime
> >soon? I would volunteer for some efforts on my end in terms of applying
> >patches, doing tests and also with regards to Debian patching. But
> without
> >the support of the people who own the thing and have write access to CVS
> >there will be no results possible.
> >
> >Any comments anyone?
> I'd also like to offer time to test current CVS and patches to get an RC2
> out the door. I gather one of the sticking points is developer access to
> Mac OS X. I have access to a Mac system and can do some testing.
> Are there intentions to move away from CVS to git for sasl? Are there any
> developer TODO lists for the project?
> -- 
> Dan White

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