SASL lib 2.1.24

Torsten Schlabach TSchlabach at
Mon Apr 4 09:25:20 EDT 2011


In the meanwhile I managed to find some hacks to make the whole thing build.

But the question remains:

Is anyone still interested in active development of the SASL lib? I mean, the 2.1.24rc1 is getting some 20 month old and there is neither an RC2 nor a release. Also some problems have been discussed on the ML and some patches are hanging around in Bugzilla, which are not committed to CVS.

So would there be anyone willing to support an RC2 and a release anytime soon? I would volunteer for some efforts on my end in terms of applying patches, doing tests and also with regards to Debian patching. But without the support of the people who own the thing and have write access to CVS there will be no results possible.

Any comments anyone?


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> Von: "Torsten Schlabach" <TSchlabach at>
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> Betreff: SASL lib 2.1.24

> Hi all!
> I am currently trying to make the Cyrus SASL lib 2.1.24 work on a Debian
> 6.0 (squeeze) system. But my milage seems quite limited.
> I have done away with packaging the new version for now, so all I do is:
> - Build myself a fresh chroot environment
> - Install the minial packages needed to compile the tarball
> - Do a ./configure && make && make install
> In oder to see if the library I built that way works at all, in a next
> step I take the latest cyrus-imapd 2.4.6 an again just do a ./configure &&
> make && make install on it.
> Then I try to use the imtest command line tool which is part of the Cyrus
> IMAPd distribution to login into any IMAP server.
> Does that make sense as a minimal test case?
> If yes:
> a)
> Using the SASL lib tarball 2.1.24rc1 from the FTP server, everything
> compiles fine but imtest fails with an error message:
> b)
> Using the latest CVS checkout from last night instead of 2.1.24rc1, imtest
> does work indeed!
> Can anyone confirm this?
> Is the 2.1.24rc1 considered broken?
> Is there any incompatible API change between 2.1.23 and 2.1.24?
> Can anyone comment on the status of the code in CVS, i.e. "should work" or
> "we know there are some things which don't work at all".
> Are there any plans by the way to release a 2.1.24 any time soon?
> Regards,
> Torsten

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