Supported Platforms (was: Re: Cyrus IMAPd 2.4.1 Released)

Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) vanmeeuwen at
Thu Oct 21 13:33:20 EDT 2010

Matt Selsky wrote:
> Can we decide on a list of supported platforms and document it, ala
> Then we can at least compile-test on these platforms.  And maybe even
> upgrade-test these platforms before each release?

I'm working on a documentation effort beyond what would be feasible to include 
in imapd.conf(5), which would include such list of supported platforms.

I'd think a Wiki article would serve similar purpose as well.

Similarly, Bugzilla would need to be updated to reflect a final list of 
platforms supported.

Can I get a show of hands who's platform is not listed in the following list 
to log a ticket in bugzilla (preferred) and/or nudge me (bugzilla will nudge 
me either way)?

- FreeBSD
- Linux
- Solaris

In the interest of full disclosure, my work-in-progress is currently at[1,2].

Noted that if you do add or suggest a platform to the list, we might/may/will 
request the reporter of such bug to provide our release engineer(s) with 
access to such box, or inclusion to Hudson CI when we're good and ready.

Thank you in advance,

Kind regards,



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