reconstruct crash in cyrus-imapd-2.4.4

Bron Gondwana brong at
Thu Nov 25 06:15:03 EST 2010

On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 02:12:46AM -0500, Giles Malet wrote:
> We seem to have a bug in mailbox renames in 2.4.4 that is leaving
> mailboxes in funny states. I think the new mailbox is not added to
> the mboxlist yet the old is removed, and the folder is untouched on
> disk.... but I got sidetracked on that trying to do reconstruct -rf
> to get the lost folders back - and that crashes reconstruct! Doing
> -rfx instead avoids the crash, but has the side-effect of course of
> clobbering the mailbox flags.

Now the bug in mailbox renames is "interesting". 
I have a suspicion that it's actually this:

Since you're running murder.  Fixed in git, but that's not much
help to you...

We'd better get on to releasing a 2.4.5!

> The problem is in mboxlist_createmailbox_full() in mboxlist.c:
>     struct mailbox *newmailbox = NULL;
> [...]
>     if (!dbonly && !isremote) {
>         /* Filesystem Operations */
>         r = mailbox_create(name, newpartition, acl, uniqueid,
>                            options, uidvalidity, &newmailbox);
>     }
> [...]
>     /* all is well - activate the mailbox */
>     mboxent = mboxlist_makeentry(newmailbox->mbtype, newmailbox->part,
>                                  newmailbox->acl);

Oh - that's bad.  It's bogus for "isremote" too.  Ouch.
> In our case, that `if' statement is false (dbonly=1), so newmailbox
> is not initialised:

Yeah, of course it isn't, and unsurprisingly it crashes!

Now that's definitely a bug, and a blocker at that.  It SHOULD
be calling the mailbox_open_advanced codepath, but without a
mailboxes.db entry.  Hmm.  Ok.

Unfortunately I don't have a one-line fix for you :(  I'll have
to think about it, and it's about 10:15pm at night and my birthday
tomorrow, so I don't know that I'll be able to fix it immediately!

But it will definitely get fixed within this week.  I do recommend
the patch above to fix the rename issue.  I'll talk to Jeroen about
planning a 2.4.5 for next week.


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