What's happening in future branch - March 25

Ken Murchison murch at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Mar 25 07:33:40 EDT 2010

Sounds good!

Bron Gondwana wrote:
> Gosh, it's getting awfully close to my self imposed deadline of April
> isn't it - though I think I'll be pulling an Ubuntu and saying "I
> meant the end of April, honest".  Sysadmin stuff got in the way for
> rather longer than I intended.
> Due to making changes all over the place, I currently have a giant change
> entry on the future branch with all the changes on it.  I'll try to factor
> them out into individual line items later, keeping it reviewable.  I'm not
> going to try to make every intermediate stage work - let alone even
> compile - because it's too much makework for no benefit.
> That said, here's where things are! (long, but hopefully interesting to
> at least some other people... if nothing else a handy memory jogger for
> me if I get side-tracked at all)
> Rewritten (greatly simplified) API for getting file names:
> ==========================================================
> char *fname = mailbox_meta_fname(&mailbox, META_INDEX);
> char *newfname = mailbox_meta_newfname(&mailbox, META_INDEX);
> (uses a separate static buffer so you can just do this and then
> your rename logic!)
> char *fname = mailbox_message_fname(&mailbox, uid);
> So that simplifies HEAPS of code and hides all the "is it meta"
> behind one interface.
> Mboxlist functions return a struct
> ==================================
> struct mboxlist_entry mbentry;
> r = mboxlist_lookup(name, &mbentry, &tid);
> mbentry.mbtype, mbentry.partition, mbentry.acl
> Simplifies parameter passing to functions considerably
> Locking
> =======
> Here's the big one!  I'll write a separate section on this in more
> detail, but here are the basic contracts:
> New file: cyrus.lock - empty file.
> exclusive lock on cyrus.lock:
>   * free reign with all files.  Delete what you like, rewrite
>     what you like
>   * no other locks required
> shared lock on cyrus.lock: 
>   * MUST NOT replace cyrus.index or cyrus.cache files (change inode)
>   * MUST NOT change any files at all without cyrus.index lock
>   * MAY rewrite cyrus.squat.
> exclusive lock on cyrus.index:
>   * MUST have a shared lock on cyrus.lock
>   * MAY rewrite flags/modseq on any index record
>   * MAY append new index records
>   * MAY append to cyrus.cache
>   * MUST NOT rewrite older parts of cyrus.cache
>   * MAY rewrite cyrus.header (write .NEW, rename)
>   * MAY rewrite user.seen file
> shared lock on cyrus.index:
>   * optional - gives consistent reads.  Otherwise modseqs higher than
>     last read header may be found, seen may be out of sync.  I have a
>     simple concurrency test case that can see unintended data by being
>     clever.
> All this infrastructure is in place in the future branch now, though
> untested so far.  APIs are:
> mailbox_open_shared(name, auth_state, &mailbox);
> mailbox_open_exclusive(name, auth_state, &mailbox);
> mailbox_lock_index(&mailbox);
> mailbox_unlock_index(&mailbox);
> mailbox_close(&mailbox);
> CRCs and automatic bookkeeping
> ==============================
> (remember the discussion on recno replacing msgno because expunged records
>  remain in cyrus.index rather than cyrus.expunge, so need to be skipped?
>  It's necessary for the above, because cyr_expire will get an exclusive lock
>  on the mailbox for the duration of its index rewrite!)
> Move "deleted / flagged / answered" meta count management into mailbox.c:
> mailbox_rewrite_index_record(&mailbox, recno, &record);
>  * reads the OLD record again, updates counts, updates CRC32 values including
>    XOR_CRC which is the XOR of all record CRCs.
>  * updates "exists" if it's an expunge.
>  * updates modseq value.  Calls:
> mailbox_index_dirty(&mailbox)
>  * anything doing a write to ANYTHING does this.  It sets a flag,
>    increments the highestmodseq and grabs a timestamp.  All changes
>    use these values.
> mailbox_header_write(&mailbox);
>  * rewrites the header file.  Also updates the mailbox->header_file_crc
>    value which will be saved when we call:
> mailbox_write_index_header(&mailbox);
>  * MUST be called after making any change to ensure all checksums and
>    XOR_CRC are correctlly stored - along with the bumped highestmodseq
>    and correct record counts.
> Oh, we missed:
> mailbox_append_index_records(&mailbox, &records, num);
> Stores "num" records to the index file.  It's a pointer to an array of
> "struct index_record" structs.
> I'm still reworking everything to use these rather than doing the
> bookkeeping by hand!
> index.c - use a mailbox object
> ==============================
> All the globals go away!  There's just a global mailbox struct, which
> will have a lock_fd in shared mode, meaning that all the offsets into
> the cyrus.index and cyrus.cache mmaps are ALWAYS VALID.
> Along with compulsary CONDSTORE - vast swathes of code complexity are
> being removed :)  You don't need to track times when you have modseq
> to determine if flags should be sent again.  You don't have to keep
> statting files, just re-read the header and then scan for updates.
> It WILL be necessary to keep a global array mapping from msgno to recno
> so non-UID commands can be efficient.  This can be rewritten whenever
> highestmodseq is detected to have changed :)
> I'm just starting on this - hence there are lots of global references to
> remove.
> Also - no more UID(msgno) and CACHE_OFFSET(msgno) and all that jazz.  We
> read a record with mailbox_read_index_record() and then use it.  In native
> form, in an easily accessible struct.  Joy.  No more 
> htonl((bit32 *)base_offset+SOME_CONSTANT) nonsense everywhere!  Contain it,
> wrap it, ensure accesses to it go via consistency checking, checksum
> updating and header counter maintaining paths!
> So - that's the status of the future branch!  It also has most of the
> interesting patches from the fastmail branch cherry-picked forwards to 
> sit on top of CVS trunk.  
> Feel free to poke around, make suggestions, send patches, etc.  Some of
> the less popular (i.e. I don't use them) utilities could probably do with
> some TLC or maybe merging into uber-tools if they don't do much.  While I
> haven't drifted too far incompatible just yet, it's getting that way!
> Speaking of which: cyrus.expunge.  It's pretty much all stripped now.  I'll
> be writing something simple in to mailbox_upgrade_index which detects its
> presence and does a sorted merge of the two files into the new cyrus.index,
> complete with system_flags & FLAG_EXPUNGED.  There's also FLAG_UNLINKED
> which will allow us to have immediate expunge of the actual on-disk-file
> (with the associated inabilithy to unexpunge of course!) if sites want that.
> Thanks for reading!
> Bron.

Kenneth Murchison
Systems Programmer
Carnegie Mellon University

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