Announcing 'future' branch on github

Bron Gondwana brong at
Tue Mar 9 00:29:40 EST 2010

Hi All,

I've finally started work on bringing my Cyrus patches
forward to the 2.4 development branch and building all
the stuff I was talking about months ago!  A pile of
sysadmin work got in the way of me working on Cyrus for
a bit, but I'm back on board.

... and still hoping for an April release of most of the
    stuff on the roadmap.  Check it out ...

I'll be pushing my work to github frequently:

PLEASE NOTE: I will be rebasing frequently back to 
origin/master, which is the CVS HEAD.  I do this
to re-order patches.  I'm also backporting bugfixes
to specific patches by rebasing them into the original
patch where they occurred.  This will leave us
(eventually) with a clean linear history of sensible
changes.  I hope!

This kinda sucks for collaboration - if I was working
with other people on these changes I'd have to tidy up
my act a bit and only publish things that had stopped
fluxing so much :)  I'm not though, so I haven't!

Anyway - usual disclaimers apply.  This stuff probably
doesn't even compile at the moment - it's the first
draft of pulling all my branches together into a
coherent story.

Please feel free to look, comment, heckle - whatever
you want :)  Constructive criticism in particular
gratefully appreciated


Bron ( thinking it might be an Ubuntu style "April
       release - more towards the end than the start!" )

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