master process handling patch

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Wed Jul 21 16:17:26 EDT 2010

On 07/21/2010 02:35 PM, Wesley Craig wrote:
> On 21 Jul 2010, at 15:27, Patrick Goetz wrote:
>> Meanwhile, I'm going over the patches the redhat people added to
>> cyrus-imapd-2.3.16-5.src (actually, first comparing the differences
>> between this newer version and cyrus-imapd-2.3.16-3.fc13.src) to see
>> if there's anything there that needs to be migrated to the debian
>> package.
> And pass along anything that hasn't been upstream!

What about stuff that's a bug but not really a bug?  Recently I asked 
about some custom memory mapping routines (~/lib/map_stupidshared.c) 
designed to "work around DEC stupidity", incredulous that anyone was 
still using DEC systems, and didn't get a response.

In the case of redhat (cyrus-imapd-2.3.16-5.src), one of the patches 
"fixes" ~/imap/make_md5.c by replacing the md5 stuff with sha1. 
Technically, this isn't a bug fix, but given that md5 is insecure, is it 
really a good idea not to convert this to make_sha1.c?

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