Modifying cyrus.index to add message flags

Evgeniy Arbatov arbatovevgeniy at
Thu Jan 21 01:54:22 EST 2010


I have a question about Cyrus IMAP database - cyrus.index. The reason
is that I am trying to migrate to Cyrus IMAP from Courier IMAP, using
this script

Everything is going well except the user \Answered flags are not being
migrated from Courier IMAP. I have deduced that the script is properly
handling flags internally, but on writing message flags to cyrus.index
something goes wrong.

The code responsible for writing flags to cyrus.index is in
handlecyrusindex of

I have read the doc/internal/mailbox-format.html of Cyrus IMAP 2.3.14
I am running, but I am still unclear of what is the right format of
SYSTEM FLAGS in cyrus.header.

Can you please tell me what is wrong with the script I am using?

Thank you!

Best regards,

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