Cyrus IMAP Server 2.3.16 patch making it compilable on FreeBSD 8

Francis Gendreau francisgendreau at
Tue Feb 16 19:16:29 EST 2010

I was trying to build the latest source of Cyrus IMAP Server on my
system when I came across a few problems that I've been able to track

Here are my configuration options

CONFIG_OPTIONS=`echo                  		\
        --prefix=${PREFIX}/imapd                \
        --with-cyrus-prefix=${PREFIX}/imapd     \
        --disable-murder                        \
        --disable-cmulocal                      \
        --disable-netscapehack                  \
        --disable-replication                   \
        --disable-nntp                          \
        --disable-gssapi                        \
        --enable-listext                        \
        --with-bdb-incdir=${BDB_INCLUDE_DIR}    \
        --with-bdb-libdir=${BDB_LIBRARY_DIR}    \
        --with-openssl                          \
        --without-pgsql                         \
        --without-sqlite                        \
        --with-lock=fcntl                       \
        --without-egd-socket                    \
        --without-krb                           \
        --without-ldap                          \
        --without-afs                           \
        --with-pidfile=${PREFIX}/      \
        --without-zephyr                        \
        --with-sasl=${SASL_DIR}                 \
        --without-snmp                          \
        --without-libwrap			`

During the building process, I've encountered a problem with
lib/imapurl.c:56 -> lib/util.h:120 where mode_t was undefined.
Solution was to include config.h in lib/imapurl.c and in
lib/strcasecmp.c since both include "util.h" without directly or
indirectly including sys/types.h.

Also a minor "oops I forgot a semicolon" in imap/version.c:149

I joined the patch to this email.

Francis Gendreau
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