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Mon Aug 16 05:53:20 EDT 2010

Hello liupeng!

What exactly are you looking for? As you correctly state, Cyrus IMAPd is an open source project, so you can just download the source code and start developing and create patches for extra functinality, which will then be included into the next version if the developers decide to do so; based on quality and functionality.

I think there is no extra developers documentation available except what you can find on the website. If in doubt, use the source. The source code is very well structures IMO.

How far did you get in this endevor till now? Did you manage to build Cyrus IMAPd from source yet? Are you a C programmer? Did you check out the source code and identify where you would need to make changes?

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> Datum: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 17:27:50 +0800
> Von: "liupeng" <liupeng at>
> An: "cyrus-devel" <cyrus-devel at>
> Betreff: Cyrus-IMAP

> Hello everyone,
> I want to modify Cyrus-IMAP software , make it support for EAI
> (International Email Address, RFC4952,RFC5336,RFC5738,RFC5335 etc ). This is an
> opensource project .
> I want to get detail Cyrus-IMAP software documentation.  And who have
> interesting can contact me.
> Thanks very much! 
>                                                   liupeng
> 2010-08-16 
> liupeng 

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