Patch to set plaintext refusal string to plaintextloginalert (Bug 3247)

Michael Bacon baconm at
Thu Aug 5 19:02:47 EDT 2010

In our case, we wanted to put a URL to a help document on our knowledge 
base system, so I feel like the correct generic solution is to allow it to 
be configured at runtime in the config file.

Michael Bacon
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--On August 6, 2010 12:59:34 AM +0200 "Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)" 
<vanmeeuwen at> wrote:

> Michael Bacon wrote:
>> This week, we finally dragged UNC into the 21st century and disabled
>> unencrypted plaintext logins.  In so doing, we found the default message
>> for rejecting unencrypted LOGIN attempts, "Login only available under a
>> layer," to be confusing to our users.
>> This patch just overloads "plaintextloginalert" to also be the reject
>> message if allowplaintext is set to 0.  It is otherwise only used if
>> allowplaintext is set to 1.
>> This is a patch to the 2.3.16 codebase, and is entered in Bugzilla as
>> 3247.
> I would obfuscate the original message less, by saying something like:
> "Plaintext login not allowed, by policy, without added security layer"
> As opposed to the message that is in there now. Would that make sense?
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