Moving folders across backends

Simon Beale simon at
Thu Aug 5 10:39:31 EDT 2010

(Resend to cyrus-devel, as I wasn't subscribed the first time)

>>>>>> I'm currently having an issue where clients (Outlook/Thunderbird
>>>>>> etc) can't delete shared folders if the folder resides on a
>>>>>> different backend to their INBOX.
>>>>>> Looking at the IMAP traffic, the client is doing:
>>>>>> . RENAME user.test.subfolder INBOX.Trash.subfolder
>>>>>> . NO Permission denied
>>>>>> If "subfolder" is on the same backend as INBOX, then instead it
>>>>>> returns an OK.

>> Am Mittwoch, den 04.08.2010, 11:08 +0100 schrieb Simon Beale:
>> You might try checking
>> <quote>
>> RENAME is only interesting in the cross-server case. In this case it
>> issues a (non-standard) XFER command to the backend that currently
>> hosts
>> the mailbox, which performs a binary transfer of the mailbox (and in
>> the
>> case of a user's inbox, their associated seen state and subscription
>> list) to the new backend. During this time the mailbox is marked as
>> RESERVED in mupdate, and when it is complete it is activated on the new
>> server in MUPDATE. The deactivation prevents clients from accessing the
>> mailbox, and causes mail delivery to temporarily fail.
>> </quote>

Having spent some time reading the 2.3.16 source code, and poking at the
frontend with gdb, I'm not convinced that the code currently supports what
I'm attempting. It looks like it may have been the original intention to
be possible in imapd.c/cmd_rename, but I don't think it is actually

Is this actually a bug, for which I'll go look at writing a bugzilla entry
and patch, or am I overlooking something?



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