sieve question: archive script

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at
Tue Oct 27 04:37:56 EDT 2009

Hello. I could not find a sieve-specific forum so I had to ask here. It
is in-top because I use cyrus imapd.

I want to emulate the archive behavior of alpine (or pine) by using
sieve, is it possible? In short, alpine does this:

   1. At first of every month, e.g. July, create a new folder called
   2. Move all emails in "sent" that dates before July to that folder

I want to emulate this behavior once a year so that to put large amount
of storage of historical emails to a separate folder to speed up opening
INBOX.Sent as well as to move historical emails to folders symlinked
from less expensive and less robust hardware.

My question is, because of the limited time to deliver this, to avoid
diving into sieve world with no result, may I know in advance with sieve
language and all its extensions, is this task's client part possible
using sieve? I would start alternative ways if sieve could not do it,
e.g. perl + imap protocol library. I prefer sieve if possible.

P. S. If I do it I'll share the result opensourced.

Thanks in advance!
Zhang Weiwu

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