Gerd v. Egidy lists at
Wed Nov 18 07:21:07 EST 2009

Hi Bron,

thanks for looking into the annotation/metadata stuff.

> So I'm thinking: create a new metadata.db, require a conversion on upgrade
> from annotations.db.  I had a look, and none of our servers had ANY
> annotations until I added a /comment to my INBOX for testing.

Just to be sure: do you plan to change the current annotatemore-code so that 
it will access the new database and an old client still using annotatemore 
will still work?
> Does anybody out there use annotations much?  Does anybody know any code
> that would be broken by changing the way annotations are done?

Given that there is code to convert the old annotations.db to metadata.db I 
don't see any problems for us. Our backup code will probably need some 
tweaking, but when the new db format is more sane than the current mess I 
don't see any problems with that.

Kind regards,


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