Changing message filename convention

Jeff jlar310 at
Sat Nov 14 23:55:19 EST 2009

Without getting into the details of why I want to do this, is there a
quick way to hack the source to change the file naming convention for
message files. I have reason to not want the trailing dot.

I am working with 2.2.12  SRPM from CentOS 4.8. I have found one
instance in imap/message.c in function mailbox_message_get_fname where
the message uid has the dot appended to create a file name, but there
must be others because that one change didn't work. I don't get any
errors in the logs, message files are created with the naming
convention I want, but the mail client can't pull down the content of
the message and the subject and sender are blank in the message list.



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