The ldapdb plug-in initialization for clients is too noisy!

Alexey Melnikov alexey.melnikov at
Thu May 28 17:18:24 EDT 2009

Greg A. Woods wrote:

>The ldapdb plug-in initialization for clients is too noisy!
>I recently, and for the first time, have built Cyrus-SASL with the
>ldapdb plug-in.  Now every client on every system _not_ using LDAP
>complains on every start up with the following error:
>	auxpropfunc error invalid parameter supplied
>(which I've patched to be a little more detailed showing _which_ plug-in
>returned the error! -- SASL error reporting is sometimes horribly
>minimalistic and almost totally unhelpful!)
>It seems the LDAP plug-in is a little too eager to initialize itself
>even when it is not called upon or used, and a little too worried about
>its inability to do this initialization when it is not actually needed.
>I don't want to have to build custom versions of SASL (and, because I
>need to link everything statically, custom versions of everything that
>uses SASL) for just the LDAP users I support.  The question is how to
>fix this in a way which would be acceptable for an upstream patch.
>One simple possibility is to return some other more benign error from
>ldapdb_auxprop_plug_init() instead of SASL_BADPARAM (eg. SASL_NOMECH)
>and then transmute the log level flag from SASL_LOG_ERR to something
>more like SASL_LOG_NOTE so that it won't spam the console and/or other
>critical error log files.
>More correct might be to defer configuring all of the plug-in until the
>point where it is first actually called upon to do something.  I see
>that some other plug-ins do try to load config parameters in their
>_plug_init() routines, but almost universally they will 
>Yet another possibility might be to have an explicit way to disable the
>plug-in in the configuration file and thereby avoid all initialization
>if it has been disabled.  Perhaps the default <none> entry for
>ldapdb_uri should work this way?  (i.e. the error return should simply
>be removed?)
Greg, you don't need to change anything, because there is a solution to 
you problem already
Just set the "auxprop_plugin" option to exclude ldapdb.

>(note all of the other plug-ins I compile into my SASL libraries run
>their *_plug_init() function successfully -- though of course none of
>the others I use require such extensive and crazy initialization!)

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