DSPAM training integration

Sebastian Maus sebastian.maus at bluemars.net
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--On January 29, 2009 17:10:20 -0500 Wesley Craig <wes at umich.edu> wrote:
> On 29 Jan 2009, at 16:50, Giuseppe Ghibò wrote:
> The point of a patch like Dmitriy proposes is for training DSPAM through
> user actions in the MUA.  For instance, logging (or otherwise handling)
> the contents of the X-DSPAM-Signature when the user refiles messages to
> or from their Spam folder.

I don't know DSPAM, so this could be irrelevant information, but we did
something like that for training personal SpamAssassin Bayes databases.
Each customer has three SPAM folders (Filtered, LearnSPAM, LearnHAM). If
mail gets dropped into one of the "Learn*" folders, a cron job (which is in
fact a self written, customized IMAP client) finds them, feeds them to a
sa-learn process that uses the customer's Bayes database and finally
deletes and expunges the folder's content. The inbound MTA's SpamAssassin
process uses exactly that database.
The only thing that is potentially problematic about this setup is that
"LearnHAM" mail is removed from the folder and thus has to be *copied* in
the first place to avoid data loss. The big plus of this is that the
personal taste of what is SPAM and what not can be learnt by the email

The described setup is operational here since mid 2006.

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