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Le 29.01.2009 04:51, Bron Gondwana a écrit :
> On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 08:11:56PM -0500, Jeffrey T Eaton wrote:
>> It's on Ken's list to look at replacing our CVS and Bugzilla
>> installations with something better.
>> Suggestions are welcome.
> Most people seem to be liking Trac, but then it doesn't integrate
> so shinily with git.
In the Trac-like category (i.e. integrated versatile tools but with a 
less powerful bug tracker than Bugzilla), there is the increasingly 
popular Redmine (, which supports both Git and 
SVN natively.

I, too, second the use of a modern VCS for Cyrus Imap whether it's a 
distributed one or not. But let's not forget that the available web 
interfaces count a lot for the ease of use and popularity of the VCSs.

For example, I've been following Bron's copy of the Cyrus Imap 
repository on GitHub,, and I think 
it clearly outperforms any other CVS or SVN web viewer available :) In 
the same category there is BitBucket ( for the 
Mercurial DVCS, but it's basically a GitHub clone.


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