Git web interface and server experimental copies

Bron Gondwana brong at
Tue Feb 10 00:22:50 EST 2009

Since the backend server I've got access to is firewalled a
little too much for public demonstrations, I've run all this
stuff up on the shared machine unix10.  Hope nobody minds!

Notice at the bottom of each page, a clone URL, like:


You can just run:

git clone git://
cd cyrus
git checkout origin/fastmail

And you should be looking at a copy of my fastmail tree :)

The "master" branch should be following cvs.  I have a shell
script that will bring it up to date easily.

So - let me know what you think.  That's 'cgit'.  It offers
easy viewing of specific changes and stuff too.  Not quite as
funky as github, but it's a "proof of concept" that this stuff
should run pretty easily on the cmu servers.  If I can compile
and run it from my home directory!

(cgit is running under lighttpd, I picked the port out of thin

Here's my daemon commands:

/afs/ -f /afs/
git daemon --export-all --base-path=/afs/ --detach


Bron ( haven't tried running up redmine on AFS yet, that 
       would be... fun )

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