DSPAM training integration

Dmitriy Kirhlarov dimma at higis.ru
Wed Feb 4 11:17:13 EST 2009

On Wed, 04 Feb 2009 17:20:47 +0300, Sven Mueller <cyrus at incase.de> wrote:

> On 30.01.2009 21:20, Wesley Craig wrote:
>> On 30 Jan 2009, at 05:11, Duncan Gibb wrote:
>>> I think what Giuseppe is asking for is a mechanism whereby the user's
>>> action triggers the learning command directly, rather than relying on  
>>> an
>>> external agent (eg your cron job or our daemon) to come round and look
>>> what the user has done.
>> One of the interesting aspects of DSPAM is that only the signature of
>> the message is required for training. So the user interaction can be
>> very simple, e.g., only one folder. User action to copy mail into & out
>> of the folder logs the signature (or optionally acts on the signature).
>> There's no needs for a "LearnSPAM" or "LearnHAM" folder.
> Well, for me, this sounds like there should be a mechanism (a trigger  
> mechanism) whereby one could configure a script/program to be called as  
> a user moves mail into or out of a given folder. Something like

I think this mechanism:
  - can't work under heavy load
  - very complex

Customiseble log sub-system more universal and lightweight solution.


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