[RFC PATCH] Prevent setacl for empty identifiers

Wesley Craig wes at umich.edu
Tue Feb 3 14:39:05 EST 2009

rfc4314 seems to specifically disallow empty identifiers.  Also, I  
think you patch would probably permit an identifier of "-".  BTW, I  
have a patch to this code that I'm currently holding, which  
introduces a leading "+" to identifiers.  It's for the case of  
XFERing mailboxes with invalid ACLs, i.e., a leading "+" means permit  
canonicalization to fail.  Speaking of canonicalization, I wonder  
that the canonicalization routines would allow empty IDs... looks  
like auth_krb5.c:mycanonifyid() probably wouldn't, and  
auth_unix.c:mycanonifyid() used to but now doesn't.  Perhaps the  
problem is this:


Removing those lines allows canonicalization of zero length IDs.   
Can't be a good thing, even outside of ACLs.


On 03 Feb 2009, at 09:27, Thomas Jarosch wrote:
> attached is a small patch for discussion. It prevents "setacl"
> for empty indentifiers.
> If I read RFC 2086 correctly, empty identifiers seem to be allowed
> (an oversight?), but most clients won't be able to handle this ACL
> and there is also the question if there is a valid use case for this?
> We just had two cases of users shooting themselves in the foot...

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