My Github cyrus copies re-built from direct CVS access

Bron Gondwana brong at
Sun Feb 1 21:21:05 EST 2009

Hi Everyone,

I've rebuilt my github clones from direct copies of the Cyrus CVS
repository at CMU.  Now that I have a local account at CMU I've
been able to do a CVS import in such a way that it can follow CVS
as changes get committed, which is much nicer.

So - the URLs are the same, but you may find you have to download
just about everything again, because all the commit IDs are
different now.

In each tree the "master" branch contains the current CVS HEAD
from CMU, and the "fastmail" branch contains all the changes
that are running in production at FastMail (our build scripts
now just clone the git tree from github and build from that!)

Other branches may appear as I work on specific features.

NOTE: while the "master" branches will mostly just fast-forward
with changes that are applied to CVS, the "fastmail" branches
will be continually rebased on top of the "master" branch, so
commit IDs will be unstable.  Sorry about that, but it's a much
nicer way to work for me :)

Enjoy, and feel free to clone and play with this yourself.


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