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Brian Awood bawood at
Wed Aug 26 14:47:29 EDT 2009

Lately we've been chasing cache file issues here pretty regularly and 
we just found something yesterday that might indicate what's 
occurring.  While I like the idea of keeping a checksum of the 
records, it probably won't solve the issues we are seeing.  

It seems to probably relate to delayed expunge, the cyr_expire and 
unexpunge processes.  After an unexpunge, some cache records end up 
with a negative offset from the previous message.  E.g, the cache 
record for message 110 may have a location earlier in the file than 
the record for message 109.  Cyrus tries to calculate the length of 
record 109, gets a negative size, then hilarity and lots of error 
logs ensue. 

Initially, it seems like index might be corrupted with a bogus offset 
for message 110, which just happens to be within range, but it isn't.  
The record it points to is valid and matches the message on disk.  So 
it seems like there's just a bug somewhere causing the cache file to 
be written out of order, but I think there are possibly other issues 
being caused by calculating the cache record length each time it's 
needed.  One example might be that we periodically find a cache file 
that is unnecessarily large for the number of messages that are 
present (sometimes to the point of not being able to mmap it).  

It seems like all these would be non-issues if the length of each 
cache record was stored along with the offset in the index file 
rather than trying to calculate it based on the offsets.  Does anyone 
know if there a reason the cache record length isn't stored along 
with the offset?  


On Tuesday 25 August 2009 @ 04:42, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> UP-FRONT notice.  I'd particulary love feedback on the index
> format change.  Here's the executive overview:
> index header: replace SPARE4 with HEADER_CRC - a CRC32 of
> the rest of the header.
> index record: add two additional 32bit values, CACHE_CRC
> and RECORD_CRC.  CACHE_CRC is a crc32 of the entire cache
> record, and RECORD_CRC is a crc32 of the entire index
> record (including CACHE_CRC) - providing integrity checking
> all the way through.
> Total additional cost: 8 bytes per message plus some CPU time
> creating and checking the CRCs.  Benefit - immediate index
> corruption detection.  I think this is a good thing - in
> theory the underlying layers should be providing perfect
> abstractions, but in practice a memory error, disk error or
> even eratic cable can cause transient failures - and if we
> write those incorrect values back to the file they last
> forever.
> Ok - onto the main show!
> I've got a small pile of patches for upstream... some quite
> old and heavily tested, and a couple because I want to grab
> dibs on index minor_version 11 before someone else claims it
> and makes a total mess of our patch management!
> OK - here we go ( sorry about the long URLS - you can just go
> to and follow the links, or of
> course hit github at )
> Use a struct of individual cache items rather than macros,
> allows sanity checks on the cache record to detect corruption
> and avoid crashing!
> NOTE: I'd love to do this with index records as well, but it's
> an awful lot of work.  I'll be doing that slowly as time permits.
> NOTE - this is a huge patchset, and it's had an enormous amount of
> work done on it!  This completely changes the charset encoding
> pathways within Cyrus.  It gives unicode 5.1 support, a bunch of
> new charactersets, and full utf-8 support in sieve scripts.  It
> also allows search with whitespace to work by compressing
> whitespace to a single space rather than removing it entirely.
> This is the new one!  It's not entirely complete in its behaviour
> yet, it only syslogs for issues, and it's not syslogging on all
> paths that read the index and cache records yet.  I'll work on
> adding those over time.  I _believe_ it's creating crc32s on all
> paths that modify the record, which is the important thing!
> I've chosen to only implement crc32 where zlib is available,
> putting stubs that return 0 otherwise.  It would be easy
> enough to copy in the public domain crc32 code that's out there
> if we want to support everyone.
> I've also chosen to ignore a cache_crc of zero, so that we can
> upgrade indexes without a huge IO hit as we read the entire cache
> to find the initial values.  It means one in 2^32 records won't
> have integrity protection.  I can live with that.
> Comments please.  Once I've dumped this stuff in CVS I'd love to
> cut another release with all the cool new features so other people
> can use them.  The charset support in particular is a nice
> user-visible thing that fixes a bunch of bugzilla bugs and makes
> fixing others a lot easier.
> Bron.

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