DELAYED DELETE and very long mailboxes => segfault

Brian Awood bawood at
Wed Apr 22 13:58:11 EDT 2009

On Friday 06 February 2009 @ 12:27, Brian Awood wrote:
> We have had users that weren't able to delete a mailbox that was
> close to, or already at, the max name length.  Cyrus generates the
> new name with the DELETED prefix and time stamp suffix, which ends
> up being longer than the allowed max and the rename then fails.

While doing testing of 2.3.14 with our local changes I found that we 
still aren't able to delete mailboxes that are at or near the 
MAX_MAILBOX_SIZE limit.  It fails in the mboxname_policycheck() at 
the length test.  The simple solution I see is for the policy check 
to just return 0 if mboxname_isdeletedmailbox() returns true.  
Logically, if a mailbox is being deleted, it already exists and 
therefore should have passed the policy check when it was created.  
I'm wondering if anyone knows of problems that would cause which I'm 
not seeing, if not I'll submit a BZ report and diff with the fix.


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