Warning if a service name contains non alphanumerical character

Cyril Servant cyril.servant at atosorigin.com
Tue Apr 21 06:02:53 EDT 2009


last week, I ran into a configuration issue :
- in cyrus.conf, I configured two imapd services, named 'imap' and
'imap_int' (this was my error).
- cyrus started correctly, but those services hung after the first
successful connection. This is because cyrus ignores '_int', and
therefore believes these two services are named 'imap'... and locks a
single file for both services...

The only thing that annoys me is that no warning appears in the logs,
the processes hang quietly.

So I wrote a patch for this : if a service name contains a
non-alphanumeric AND non-space character, a warning is syslogged when
master reads the configuration.

Here is the bugzilla link :

Cyril Servant <cyril.servant at atosorigin.com>

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