Things for 2.3.13

Wesley Craig wes at
Mon Sep 29 11:09:05 EDT 2008

On 26 Sep 2008, at 23:35, Rob Mueller wrote:
>> Rob suggests an imapd.conf option to control the new sieve utf-7
>> behavior discussed here:
>> 029778.html
>> Someone working on that?  Is there a bugzilla for it?
> Not that I know of for both of those. I was basically hoping the  
> horde people (who seem most interested in it) would do it.

While I would support including such an option for 2.3.13, I'm not so  
interested that I'd write it.  If it's going to be added, someone  
needs to do it sooner rather than later.  Even better would be a  
tested upgrade path for existing sieve scripts.  And obviously  
something in the release notes about the change...


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