I can't remove message

DEMBKOWSKI, Henryk (Henryk) hdembkowski at alcatel-lucent.com
Tue Sep 23 09:58:03 EDT 2008


We have mailbox with one new message. Subscriber is not able to 
remove this message. We checked that cyrus (IMAP) doesn't allow 
to store any flags for message. I mean, subscriber can't save this
message. It is still marked as new.

I am wondering what can be wrong? Which of files can be corrupted:

-rw-------  2 cyrus mail 46667 Sep 23 15:07 211.

-rw-------  1 cyrus mail  1332 Sep 23 15:43 cyrus.cache
-rw-------  1 cyrus mail   289 Sep 23 15:08 cyrus.header
-rw-------  1 cyrus mail   176 Sep 23 15:43 cyrus.index

I thought that maybe reconstruct can help but it doesn't.
After reconstruct we still can't delete message. 

Kind Regards,

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