ptclient & ldap changes

Wesley Craig wes at
Thu Sep 18 19:55:12 EDT 2008

Wesley Craig wrote:
> We could make ldap_proxy_authz tri-valued: legacy, on, and off.   
> Legacy would be the default and would revert to the old behavior.   
> Of course, that means that it wouldn't support imapd.conf's typical  
> 0/1, on/off, t/f "switch" syntax.

> The complement is not true, tho: it's very practical in the  
> ldap_member_method: attribute scheme for there to be a lot of users  
> in a given group.  Perhaps the configurable size limit option  
> should be removed.  If ldap_member_method is filter, there should  
> be no (LDAP client imposed) size limit.  If ldap_member_method is  
> attribute, the limit should be 1.

Find the patch implementing the above (and the other stuff we  
discussed earlier) attached.

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