Problem with skiplist

Thomas Jarosch thomas.jarosch at
Thu Sep 11 10:02:29 EDT 2008

On Thursday, 11. September 2008 14:40:03 you wrote:
> We are using Linux and
> uname -a
> Linux ms01 2.6.5-7.276.PTF.205323.0-bigsmp #1 SMP Mon Jul 24 10:45:31
> UTC 2006 i686
> At we saw that someone
> recomended
> a linux

IIRC the fix was made in 2.6.20, so it's likely contains it, too.

Judging from your long kernel version number, your linux distribution vendor 
might have already backported the fix. You'll have to check your kernel 
package sources for mmap() fixes or just upgrade to something recent.


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