Problem with stage

DEMBKOWSKI, Henryk (Henryk) hdembkowski at
Mon Oct 20 11:02:38 EDT 2008


We saw problem with Cyrus. After problems with disks, file's system has
been "damaged".
And from some reasons instead of directories we had files with the same
For example: 

Oct  2 02:21:13 imap[7264]: couldn't create stage directory:
/mbox/vm0/stage./: File exists
Oct  2 02:21:13 imap[7264]: IOERROR: creating message file
/mbox/vm0/stage./7264-1222928473-1: File exists

Due to this error IMAP process doesn't work. Is it OK that it works in
such way? Maybe we should remove file
and create directory? What do you think?

Kind Regards,
Henryk Dembkowski

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