How do drop databases?

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Thanks for info. 

We are using skiplist for all databases. The problem is that we are
using annotations.db
to store some data. When we just remove this database process
sync_server is reinitialized
because there is no annotations.db files. I guess that Cyrus should be
reinitialized and then
empty database will be created. However we can't do this since it is
service impacted. 

I thought that maybe there is command which could tell Cyrus to drop its

Kind Regards,

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No special command to do so.  If any of the databases are using BDB,
then you should also clear out the contents of the db/ subdirectory.

DEMBKOWSKI, Henryk (Henryk) wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to clear/remove Cyrus databases (mailboxes.db and
> annotations.db)?
> I can remove file but maybe there is command which sends request to
> Cyrus?
> Kind Regards,
> Henryk

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