[patch] New option: proxy_passfile

Rudy Gevaert rudy.gevaert at ugent.be
Mon Jul 28 03:58:50 EDT 2008

Øyvind Kolbu wrote:

>We use cyrus 2.3.12p2 as standalone nodes behind a nginx proxy, and found
>that we needed to migrate users from one node to another. The solution was
>the options proxy_authname, proxy_password and proxyservers. However we
>have our configfiles in CVS and distribute the commit diffs on a
>mailinglist, and hence we don't wan't the cleartext password in the
>configfile. The simple attached patch reads the password from a given file.


Nice effort, but  imapd.conf also supports an include paramter.
I do:
include: /file/syncpass

and then /file/syncpass has
sync_password: 1234

It is not the same as your patch but it works :)


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