Thiago Henrique thiagoh at
Wed Jul 16 12:58:55 EDT 2008


We're implementing spamassassin in our mail system, and one of things
we'd like to have is a global sieve script that will check the
appropriate headers and move messages to some spam folder.

This is working for existing scripts, as we can just add an "include"
directive to include the global script. We are facing a problem with new
accounts, though, since they have no script yet.

It seems that to enable the auto-creation of a sieve script, one also
has to enable the createonpost and autocreatequota directives in
imapd.conf. However, we are using partitions in our cyrus configuration,
and the auto-created folders are all being created in the default

Is there any way to have a default sieve script that doesn't depend on
createonpost or that is compatible with a partitioned imap spool?


Thiago Henrique
Network Admin
Digirati Telecom
Hostnet Internet

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