referring quota commands

Wesley Craig wes at
Mon Jul 14 14:34:07 EDT 2008

Is there some reason why the quota commands aren't fully proxied?   
E.g., this comment from cmd_getquotasroot:

             /* If they are an admin, they won't retain that  
privledge if we
              * proxy for them, so we need to refer them -- even if  
they haven't
              * told us they're able to handle it. */
             imapd_refer(tag, server, name);

doesn't make much sense to me.  I guess I could make my quota setting  
agent understand the referrals, but the proxy code in imapd.c already  
has a nice framework for caching connections, etc.  It seems like  
implementing proxy for cmd_setquota, cmd_getquota, and  
cmd_getquotaroot would be less work and allow provisioning systems to  
work more seamlessly out of the box with Cyrus.  Any comments?


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