about the replication

Rob Mueller robm at fastmail.fm
Thu Jan 24 04:41:36 EST 2008

> I run "quota" on master and replica every once in a while and compare.
> That's an easy way to find and fix the problem cases, regardless of 
> whether the master or replica was at fault. There are typically only about 
> half a dozen cases each time, so I don't think that it's a huge problem.

I agree, it's not a huge problem, and there are other ways to fix it.

However coming back to my main point, shouldn't sync_client -u be guaranteed 
to make a replica be in sync with the master for a given user for 
everything; folders, subscriptions, flags, seen state, sieve script, quotas, 
etc. Currently it seems to do everything but quotas, which is annoyingly 


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