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Fri Jan 18 08:08:14 EST 2008

On Thu, 17 Jan 2008 23:24:30 -0500, "Ken Murchison" <murch at> said:
> Here's my modified patch against CVS.  I suppose some code could be 
> added to statuscache_lookup() to read both v.2 and v.3.  There isn't any 
> reason to invalidate all v.2 caches just because they don't have 
> highestmodseq

I wouldn't bother for us - and I doubt many other sites are running it.  In
our case we would likely restart Cyrus everywhere for the upgrade (takes
about 5 minutes and it's all scripted and automatic) anyway, which would
throw away the current status cache.  Do it during a US night and you'd
hardly notice the blip.

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