Rob Mueller robm at
Thu Jan 17 21:29:58 EST 2008

> Why do you delete the cache?  I doesn't appear from the code that the
> cache entries would be invalid if the mailbox and seen state aren't 
> touched.

Historical. We only use berkeley db for statuscache and duplicate delivery, 
and because of problems in the past with berkeley db's corrupting 
themselves, we found it easier to just delete them on startup. It avoids the 
case of cyrus failing to start if one of the bdb's is corrupted

> I'm changing the statuscache option to a switch and leaving the logging in 

My only concern with this is that it can cause a LOT of log messages. I've 
never been entirely sure how well syslog handles the case of lots of log 
messages. I think it still has to send them over the socket to the syslogd. 
Most people then have a syslog.conf that discards debug messages, so it 
always seemed like a possible way to overflow the syslog socket buffer and 
loose important messages (i'm pretty sure syslog never guarantees that a 
message will be logged, which is why djb implemented his own way that uses 
streams rather than dgrams). This is probably all entirely academic and not 
a real issue...


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