Rob Mueller robm at
Thu Jan 17 20:07:34 EST 2008

>>> - statuscache v.2 stores statuscache_data as a binary blob, which is
>>> platform dependent (byte-order & word size).  This make statuscache.db 
>>> non-portable.  I believe that this might be the first cyrusdb that would 
>>> be non-portable.  Does anybody care?
> The only tricky part is going to be upgrading from v.2 to v.3.  If its not 
> designed to be persistent and/or migrated between platforms, I'm not sure 
> I care, since your design is definitely quicker.

Basically our startup scripts completely delete the statuscache.db file on 
startup, so "migrating" isn't an issue for us at all.

So if you want to make it platform independent for others in the future, I'm 
fine with that.

> BTW, is statuscache:log necessary, or is it just for debugging?

It's not necessary, it was just helpful for debugging rather than having to 
recompile everything. From memory, clients make SO many status calls, that 
it can completely flood the log if you leave the syslog calls in.


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